• This Office Depot industrial office and distribution facility was developed by J. A. Billipp
    OFFICE DEPOT: 250,000 SF Office
    and Distribution Facility
  • The Coopervision (now Alcon) facility, developed by J. A. Billipp, includes a clean room and medical assembly
    COOPERVISION (NOW ALCON):  152,000 SF Office, Clean Room and Medical Assembly Facility
  • Northpark Central II, an office and production warehouse building is in development by J. A. Billipp
    NORTHPARK CENTRAL II: 100,800 SF Office, Production Building; 56,400 SF Office & Warehouse 
  • J. A. Billipp developed the Velocity Electronics Office, Technology, and Warehouse
    VELOCITY ELECTRONICS:  36,000 SF Office, Technology and Warehouse Facility

When developing multi-tenant or Build-to-Suit INDUSTRIAL properties, J. A. Billipp Company selects the most appropriate building site and most qualified design and construction team to best achieve the specific client/tenant operating requirements and lease/ownership objectives.

Although function is normally the key industrial building design criteria, J. A. Billipp Company works closely with each client/tenant to successfully deliver an attractive, flexible and efficient facility to best meet the respective user‘s operating objectives.

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